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Mission Statement

The Lions Medical Eye Bank and Research Center of Eastern Virginia Inc. is a non-profit transplant agency which provides people the opportunity to donate eye tissues, health care professionals the means to end blindness and patients the hope of clearly seeing form, color, and motion.

The Lions Medical Eye Bank and Research Center of Eastern Virginia

Main Staff

David Korroch, CEBT
Chief Executive Officer

Donna Stephens
Administrative Director

Leslie Schrembs, BS, CEBT
Director of Hospital & Professional Relations

Stephanie Haynes
Accounting Manager

Norman Nicol, BS, CEBT
Laboratory Coordinator

Tucker Casanova
Hospital & Community Education Coordinator

Garney Johnson
Administrative Assistant



Donor Coordinators

Wanda Philippy
Ashley Branch
Tammy Charest
Kristin Campbel
Brittany Eicher
Jill Garig
Kate East

Procurement Technicians

Ashley Branch
Kristin Campbell
Brittany Eicher
Kate East
David Powell
Daniel Russell
Jayme Stone
Victor Camargo
Jason Alindogan


Bruce Bodner, MD

Medical Director

Brian Philippy, BSChE, BS, CEBT
Director of Transplant & Research

Karen Kirkpatrick, MS, BS, CEBT
Technical Operations Mgr.

Whitney Hight, BS, CEBT
Laboratory Coordinator


mother of bank recipient
LMEB staff is dedicated to the eye bank’s mission of sight restoration and aiding grieving families. The task of discussing donation with those who have just lost a loved one is difficult, but it’s a responsibility that we take to heart as advocates for donors and their families.